Direct Recruitment Service
Experience, longevity and dedication in the field of pain management allows us regular access to hundreds of qualified pain management physician candidates on a regular basis.  Our  recruitment services assist facilities of all types who are looking for that perfect pain physician.  Each search is designed according to the clients needs and parameters. 

Utilizing our firm will traditionally save an employer thousands of dollars over recruiting independently simply by saving any money that would have been spent on advertising, marketing and databases- as well as the costs of spending the extra time to update all components, qualifying and talking to each candidate and weeding through those that do not match.

Whether you have difficulties finding candidates or just desire a partner to shoulder the burdens of recruitment-the Pain Physician Recruitment Team is the solution.

Our Professional Recruitment Service includes:
  • Sourcing candidates to match your criteria and parameters
  • Pre-qualifying and interviewing of each candidate interested in your position
  • Background/reference/license check of candidates
  • Assistance with facility employment structure and future retention
  • Facilitation and assistance of hiring processes to include interview schedules and negotiations
  • Hiring your pain physician
  • Full one year placement guarantee

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The Pain Physician Recruitment Team

The Pain Physician Recruitment Team
18 years in the industry!
We understand the intricacies of pain management.  This allows us to appropriately communicate with and qualify candidates for you.

Professionalism/ Expertise!
Our history and confidence enable us to apply effective strategies providing for a top-level partnered approach.

Reasonable Fees!
Fair pricing with outstanding service.

Top Pain Candidates!
Your need to find high level pain physicians is important to us.  We provide facilities with candidates who fit professionally, clinically and personally.

One Year Guarantee!
We are the only physician recruitment firm to offer a full one year guarantee on placement.

Exclusive Search Design!
We understand that each practice and opportunity is different. We recognize the importance of customizing each search independently.

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Our services will:
Save you time and money!
Offer the highest level of pain physicians!
Be professional, caring and knowledgeable!
Assist you in hiring the RIGHT physician!
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