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The Pain Physician Recruitment Team has partnered with ProCare Systems--the premier professional physician practice management company specializing in pain management.

ProCare Systems has been providing services to pain providers and pain practices for over 20 years.
Pain Physician Recruitment Team
The Pain Physician Recruitment Team
ProCare™ Systems, Inc. uses a systems approach based on management excellence to support the growth of an outstanding network of successful providers. In accomplishing our mission the goal is to deliver providers with proven expertise and resources. In addition, we strive to reach desired financial performance for the providers, and a desired return on investment for all shareholders in our professional and business corporation.
ProCare™ Systems, Inc. offers a professional variety of services including:
  • Full Service Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Billing
  • Scheduling
  • IT
  • Outcomes
  • Marketing
  • Productivity Reports
  • Recruiting
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Human Resources
  • Compliance
Full Service Management
ProCare Systems has been providing full service management to medical practices for over 18 years. Full service management encompasses everything listed on this service page plus more. With full service management the medical practice contracts/partners with ProCare Systems to manage every component of the medical practice's day to day operations. Using ProCare Systems for full service management can provide you and your practice with increased productivity, decreased expenses and exceptional outcomes.

ProCare Systems has developed and implemented systems to track and monitor the effectiveness of any marketing or promotional effort associated with a medical practice. Marketing plans are most effective if the medical practice has invested the time in developing a strategy and implementing a business plan. Referral development, advertisement, public relations, stakeholder feedback, website, social media and more are all offered.

ProCare Systems has been assisting medical practices in achieving greater medical billing efficiency while reducing cost for over 18 years. These sound business solutions can be achieved by providing healthcare professionals with the option of out-sourcing their insurance processing and medical billing to an expert reimbursement service. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we will customize our services to fit your practice needs.

ProCare Systems IT services provide professional organizations with custom designed technology solutions. IT systems that are properly set up will have a positive impact on an organization by improving productivity while minimizing cost. IT systems should be viewed as propeller to your organization not an anchor.

ProCare Research LLC develops tools to assess disease risk, capture clinical outcomes, and provide real-time analytical reports to support patient-specific care management decision making. We provide these tools to physicians and the health care industry in order to help assess quality. Our dynamic, robust outcomes registry supports ongoing data collection and multiple concurrent research initiatives.

Compliance is critically important to every medical practice. However, it can be one of those things a medical practice can get lazy with. ProCare Systems has developed proven systems and strategic partnerships to assist proper management of a medical practices compliance plan.
Revenue Cycle Management
Probably the most used illustration for explaining the "revenue cycle" is a circle or wheel. That's because the revenue coming in and out of a medical practice is in continuous motion. There are multiple processes taking place between the acceptance of a referral to the proper collection of a patient's payment. This is why it is very important that each process be supported by a system. Systems not only allow for checks and balances but they also prevent a practice or provider from becoming dependent on one or two people for a practice's financial success.

Productivity Reports
ProCare Systems designs productivity reports based on the needs of each individual medical practice. ProCare Systems has found over the years that there is not a one size fits all medical practice productivity report. Every practice tends to have specialized interests which calls for specialized reports. We believe if you measure it, it will get done. It's about managing what matters.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
ProCare Systems has the expertise and experience needed to effectively and efficiently implement and manage a medical practice's EMR system. ProCare Systems possesses tremendous knowledge in the three critical areas necessary for a medical practice to seamlessly transition and manage an EMR system. Those three components are IT, clinical operations and administrative oversight.

Human Resources (HR)
Whether your medical practice is new or mature, ProCare Systems can assist you with most of your Human Resource needs. Human Resource services provided by ProCare Systems include but are not limited too; compensation audits, employee file audits, human resource manuals, guidelines, employee training etc.

Start off on the right foot by collecting the correct information needed to process your claim. ProCare Systems offers phone, fax and online scheduling options and ensures a schedule that will maximize your time with your patients. Our scheduling team will verify insurance eligibility, confirm benefit coverage details, obtain authorization, and verify demographic information during scheduling and patient registration.

In medicine, it's about people taking care of people. At ProCare Systems we've developed key relationships with individuals and institutions to assure that your practice recruits and hires the right provider at the right time in order to provide your patients with the right care.
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